is the ATMO at home


Davide Bertocchi, Fabrizio Perghem e Hannes Egger


Opening 05 febbraio 2017 ore 18

06 febbraio - 19 marzo 2017


"is the ATMO at home" is the first group show of the programming of the new artistic director of Anonima Kunsthalle Gabriele Tosi and it involves artworks by Davide Bertocchi, Fabrizio Perghem and Hannes Egger. Different natures animate the artworks but they all share an extreme relation with the notion of site specificity. In the exhibited works the connection with a certain object appears exaggerated, leading to a reaction against any spatial constriction. Things are presented in a sort of recoded version in which every variation of the classical spatiality led to unusually augmented or reduced forms. Therefore, the malleability produced by any interaction process seems to cause a distress to the notions of static, stable and solid.


All the works presented in "is the ATMO at home" are installed on portable devices, to allow the public to experience the show moving freely in the space.


The audio works are shown through wireless headphones. One of these is a live recording of a performance by Fabrizio Perghem. The artist covers sightless and touchless the concrete building of the former Eni Village in Borca di Cadore (BL) designed by the architect Edoardo Gellner. The artist only uses the echolocation technique to perceive volumes and materials. We hear his footsteps, the typical sound of the echolocation technique, his attempt to comment on the characteristics of the space. The other headphones presents "Training Exhibition" by Hannes Egger. In this audio a series of instruction invites the viewer to take a pose. The body becomes a display used to present in the exhibition space some of the most famous Western art sculptures. Therefore, a static form is adapted by each subject through a process of interaction.  The only visual image of the show is a video by Davide Bertocchi. In this video a limousine is stretched to fit the spirals of the architecture. The digital object acts like a site specif installation for this virtualized Wright's Guggenheim. The object and the space share the same radius so the movement appears natural like an orbit but also constricted and unavoidable.