Riss(e) + Surplace with AK are a temporary storage of artworks, ideas, toughts, and other stuff about contemporary art



 Artistic Directors of A K


 Clara Scola (2020)

Luisa Turuani (2019)

Lisa Andreani (2018)

Gabriele Tosi (2017)

Luca Scarabelli / Ermanno Cristini (2016)





Luca Scarabelli / Ermanno Cristini






by Ermanno Cristini

“Riss” in German means “fissure”, “crack”, “gash”, and from the crack the light breaks in. Riss(e) acts with the attitude of a wanderer: no map, no destination, no return, because the only destination is to begin again to leave. Riss(e) has this spirit.




by Luca Scarabelli, Cesare Biratoni, Umberto Cavenago, Joykix, Rossella Moratto, Claudia Canavesi

 What happens when things interact and talk to each other, when ideas and souls give themselves a challenge, when they meet by assonance and compare or clash on the line of similarities and differences. Everyone knows when an exhibition starts, no one when it is over.