AK acronym of Anonima Kunsthalle born in anonymous form in 2016.

Since 2020, the Kunsthalle has been located inside a one-square meter wardrobe, which is accessed by a sliding door.

From 2016 to 2019 the Kunsthalle was located on a tiled wall of a former kitchen.

The artistic director changes every year, therefore the research and the activities of the organization can deeply mutate in time. 



For the 2019 the invited artistic director Luisa Turuani proposes a programming composed by artists who explore the dimension of time and how it could be visible in different kind of contexts and experiences.


For the 2018 the invited artistic director Lisa Andreani proposes a programming composed by 6 solo shows where will be shown heterogeneous researches that will touch different fields.


For the 2017 the invited artistic director Gabriele Tosi proposed a programming composed by 8 group shows  based on a research about the human nature to understand the environment by harvesting data to be given forms.










Ermanno Cristini

Luca Scarabelli